Science has given us knowledge, skills and tools that both help us to psychologically thrive, while increasing our resilience and protecting us from mental distress. PEPTALK presents this knowledge and skills in a digestible and engaging format that inspires readers to put it into practice.

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“Beautifully presented”  “Innovative”   “User-friendly” “Engaging”   “Relevant” 

“Uniquely Kiwi”  “Saving lives”   “Interactive”  “Inclusive” 

“It’s the best wellbeing publication I’ve come across in New Zealand - or anywhere for that matter!”

'PEPTALK' provides evidence based mental health skills, strategies and tools to help us 'help ourselves'. Contributions come from a diverse group of experts and practitioners with a shared emphasis on collaboration for the 'greater good'.  The attractive and user-friendly design is innovative and inclusive meeting the needs of both young and old.

Megan Martin

Educator and Creator of

I so  admire the work that PEPTALK media is doing to grow ‘Wellbeing Literacy’ nationally. Nadine and her team are committed to helping people understand wellbeing and resilience better so they can help themselves and those they care about. Their resource is jam-packed with tools, all of which are evidence-based but practical enough to use in every day life.

Dr Lucy Hone

Director New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing and Resilience

PEPTALK is such a treasure trove of wisdom, inspiration, useful and evidence-based information, all in an impressively professional and beautifully presented resource... It truly does make a difference and I hope you feel super proud of the seeds of hope and clarity you are planting with every issue.


Head of Guidance Christchurch Girls' High School

I love PEPTALK for a whole host of reasons, but mostly because it aligns with my kaupapa - ie. it is an integrative approach to improving wellbeing, honing in on what is innately good about humans and fanning the spark that resides in each of us! It’s the best wellbeing publication I’ve come across in New Zealand - or anywhere for that matter.

Amy Robin


Did you know that research shows that 40% of our happiness is determined by the way we think and our intentional actions?

Many people put a lot of energy and effort into changing their circumstances because they feel this will lead to greater levels of happiness. But this often leads to frustration, because our circumstances in life only equate to 10% of our happiness.


PEPTALK teaches you the ways of thinking and acting that will help you to harness your 40% zone of power to build a healthy mind, and increase happiness and life satisfaction in both the good times and through challenges.


A note from the editor


A note from the editor

❝ I have learnt so many little things that are helping me get through day to day and built on tips and tricks that I already had. I recommend PEPTALK to all of my friends and try to get them involved so they can take something from it too. ❞


❝ I came across PEPTALK via Instagram, then I ordered it for myself and became hooked. Then I ordered four more, for my sister and friends.  I love the entire ethos, the variety of articles and that ads don’t clog up the pages.❞

Rebekah WilSon


❝ You have absolutely smashed it out of the park. This publication is perfect, it covers all aspects of mental health in many ways, making it easy for different people to be able to relate and make connections. The interactive parts of the magazine absolutely top it off, you don’t feel like you are just reading a heap of boring stories, it feels like the whole thing is made especially for you…. it’s awesome to see such amazing content out there for everybody.❞


Shepherd, Taihape

❝ PEPTALK is such a joy to read and like a breath of fresh air openly talking about big and small mental health issues. It’s written in a way that is easily accessible to anyone that is lucky enough to find it. I will be adding PEPTALK as a resource for my clients, there are so many helpful take home messages and tips to help them have a better understanding of their own mental wellbeing or others they care about.❞

Emma-Kate Woodham

Mindfulness coach & massage therapist.